Wednesday, January 21, 2009

House Contruction

Jan 21, 2009. Began Roofing today. Almost done framing. Windows come tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cody's Pinewood Derby

Here is a picture of Cody and his neighborhood friends with their pinewood derby cars.

Cody's Pinewood Derby

Cody Won First Place this year at his pinewood derby. There were about 18 cars and he set a track record! No I didn't build his car. He designed it, I cut is out, he sanded for days, chose the paint and painted it and designed the stickers. I added the wheels and weights. (the critical part!) He was pretty excited!


Cody had tons of fun. He was on the end of a big train. His tub slipped out from under him but the person in front of him didn't know, so they kept hold of his feet and drug him all the way down the hill on his back! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera out! But this is one of Cody.


I think Little Branden Had the most runs!


This was one of Bridgers many runs!

Tubing at the South Hills.

Didn't get many good pics. I forgot the good camera so was left to the camera on my phone. The kids had a blast. The hill was pretty icy and the tubes were fast. The colorful kid is Dusty. This was his only crash. He usually caught pretty good air and could land it nice. But this one brought the tears!

House Contruction

Here is the house today, January 17. The framers are almost done. Two more days and they should finish all the odds and ends on the inside. Electrician, Plumber, Roofer, and Mechanical start next week!

House Contruction

Here is the house on January 11. We went for a "Sunday Drive" but no crops were growing so we drove by the house. Got the walls up and trusses started Saturday.

House Contruction

Here is our house on January 8. There had been lots of snow and rain. They finally started workin agin on Monday. They got the floor on and now starting the walls.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Trip to LegoLand Dec 13-21

We Left Saturday and went to Salt Lake where we went to Temple Square and saw the lights and other attractions as well as a movie at Legacy Theatre. We stayed that night with Christa's Sister in SLC. The next day we drove to St. George and Stayed two nights with Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa Schiess) at their Condo. We had fun eating food and watching movies! Even Helped dad put insulation in the attic and fix the Kitchen sink! On Tuesday we drove through the beautiful canyon between St. George and Las Vegas, Drove down the Las Vegas Strip and ate at Michelle and John’s favorite "In-N-Out" Burger joint. Drove to Oceanside, CA and checked into our condo. Wednesday it rained ALL DAY. Yes ALL DAY! But we walked the beach anyway and found sand dollars and sea shells. We were all soaked and cold and went back to the condo to soak in the tub and drink hot chocolate while we watched Christmas movies. We actually walked the beach every day we were in Oceanside, but the other days were nice. We had fun in the pool and hot tub each night as well. Thursday and Friday was Lego land. The Kids had a blast! They rode tons of rides and even got to be in a play. Since it was December and cool (50-60 degrees) the park was pretty empty and we never stood in lines. But the temperature felt nice for those of us from Idaho! Many times we would finish a ride and they would ask if we wanted to go again without getting off! We were planning to go to Michelle and John's for the weekend, but Cody and I caught a cold and two kids had pink eye. Not a nice Christmas gift to bring everyone. So we drove back to St. George on Saturday and back home on Sunday. It was a nice trip, but long, and we were all glad to be home!

Progress on House

Progress Has been slow. This was a week before Christmas.

Decorated the Christmas Tree for Family Night

Here are the boys after decorating the tree on Monday night.

Getting Our Christmas Tree

We went up to "The Valley" the weekend after Thanksgiving with the kids. Brooke and Jeremy and all of us went up Patterson canyon and brought home this tree.