Saturday, March 28, 2009

House Progress

Outside progress to date

Branden's Birthday....NazzCart!

For my birthday started the day with the last wrestling tournament. For lunch we had a pizza party to celebrate their great season. After pizza, Christa took a nap while I replaced the broken trailing arm on my sled. This evening we went to dinner at the Outback and to NazzCart with some friends. It was great fun. When we got back, we had cake and icecream with the boys.


The Boy's Last Tournament

This was their last tournament. Cody and Branden were not feeling well today, but they wrestled anyway. Dusty has improved huge this year! He almost won all four matches this time. The last match was against another kid with three other wins. Dusty worked him over pretty good and was winning pretty easy, then they thought the match was over so they quit and the ref told them to keep going so the other kid threw Dusty into a headlock before he realized what was going on and pinned him! That was too bad. Bridger won all four of his again, but had two really tough matches. Branden won three and lost one to a kid that was really good. Cody won his first match and lost his second. He pretty much gave up on the kid because he just wasn't feeling well and couldn't stop crying. So after that match we went home. They all had a great season and I am very proud of them all!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cody's Regional Pinewood Derby

Cody's car did pretty good. I figure somewhere in the top 10 out of almost 40 cars. His average time was 3.165 seconds. The winner's average was 3.141 seconds. He had fun just being there!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inside the House

The mud and tape is finished. They will come back in tomorrow and texture, then they said they are coming in to finish on Sunday. Trim from Monday -Thursday, and then paint. After paint I will be tiling like mad and then laying the wood floors. Our contractor still thinks we will be in by mid April. We'll have to see how fast I can lay the floors!

House Contruction

Here are some pics of our House progress. The siding in on, and the stucco is going up. I had big plans to do the stucco and rock myself, but with spring being the busy season at work, and everything else going on, I put up the duroc and cut the foam for all the trim and taped all the seams, then I made a quick drive to CA for work and bla bla I hired a guy to come in a finish. He will have the color on tomorrow, and the rock by the end of next week! Thats way faster than I could have done it every day after work! At least I got to design it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dusty wins the award for "most improved" this week. He is only in Preschool and wrestling kindergarteners and some preschoolers. He is only 5 pounds lighter than Bridger, and he is not aggressive like Bridger. Last week he would tie up with his apponent, then if he went to his back he would lay there and smile and look around till he was pinned. This week he actually fought hard to stay off his back, and he didn't get pinned once! He also won two matches this week! The only thing I teach him and work with him on, is to stay off his back and try to stay on top of his apponent. That's about all he can comprehend right now! This pictures shows his personality to the T! I could not get him to hold still for a serious picture!


Bridger is the toughest meanest little bugger on the mat. He has no mercy. However can get frustrated if he doesn't think he is winning. Some matches end at the edge of tears, but if he doesn't cry he will tear up his apponent! Don't piss this kid off, or you WILL get the worst of it!

Little Branden

Branden did really good again. He is very strong and very flexable which gives him a strong advantage. And he can work the half nelson really well!


Cody won 3 of 4, but had two really tough kids this time. Two of them never lost a match last year. I was proud of Cody. He really stepped up to the plate and put on a good show.

Schiess Boys Second Tournament

Bridger, Branden and Dusty

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Schiess Boy's First Tournament of the year

Cody, little Branden and Bridger won all 4 matches and got gold metals. Dusty Won 1 match but mostly had fun rolling on the mat and playing. He is only in preschool but has to wrestle kindergarteners because that is the youngest age that wrestles.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter fun

Went for a quick ride up to Red Mountain with Steve and one of his friends. Went off the top a few times and had some fun!