Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christa's Christmas Home Show

Christa was asked to decorate our home for a Christmas home show. Tickets are sold and people are able to tour the homes to get ideas for Christmas, catch the Christmas Spirit, or whatever. The money made is donated to things like "make a wish foundation" YIPS" and other charities. Last year they made almost $16,000.00 to donate. We figured we had somewhere between 1000 and 2000 people in our home today.
Christa decided to do this because it was today, on her mothers birthday. Since Christa's mom passed away this last spring, she was able to use many of her moms decorations to commemorate her mothers life. It was a great thing to do and for a great cause, and she really enjoyed it. Many friend came for two weeks to help decorate, and loaned her lots of decorations as well. Thanks to everyone and we hope everyone that came enjoyed a little piece of our Christmas!


  1. Tell Christa the house looks fabulous! Miss you guys!

  2. wow the house looks GREAT!! wanna decorate mine next?